Your soul is ready to bring its beauty into the world.

Jennifer Witte: Empowerment & Mindfulness Coach

Are you critical with yourself? 

Even though people keep telling you...

...how radiating and beautiful you are?

Have you tried cutting out carbs? Are you a high achiever? Is it hard for you to exercise lightly or miss a day of exercising? Do people look up to you wondering how you manage to do everything you do? 


Is it hard for you to let go of control?


Does healthy eating come to you relatively natural, yet with pressure because of wanting to be even better?


I hear you.


I know health is important to you. But how can you bring more ease into it? How can you be guided by your intuition?

How does it make you feel to imagine you ENJOY every bite you eat? How about feeling and LOVING your body?

I want you to be more connected to yourself and your needs. Just because cutting down carbs works for someone else, doesn’t mean it makes you happy.


It's time for you to connect with your ... 



Emotionales Essen Stoppen: Wonach bist du wirklich hungrig?

Viele erfolgreiche Power-Frauen haben mit Binge-Eating oder emotionalem Essen zu kämpfen.


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"I have tried many diets in my life so unfortunately I have developed a complete unhealthy relationship to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The program and the coaching have created a shift inside me and have definitely started something new. I would recommend her program to everyone. "

Rocio A.

"Jennifer delivers an infectious sense of grounded positivity and possibility. She twins nutritional know-how with a deep-seated empathy and kindness."

Jessica H.

"I' have been able to find myself and have learned a lot about myself. It has become easier for me to not worry about my diet anymore - no more stress. I've learned that I do not need any diet plans, I just need to listen to myself and trust myself."

Daniela P.


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Bye Bye stress, guilt and critism. 


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Client Love

Rocio transformed her health and her relationship to her body within just 3 months of working together.


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